An employee at a tow lot in Kansas City, Mo., spotted a 3-month-old puppy in the front window of a car that had been in the lot since April 8.

Photo: Kia survived for a month in an abandoned car in Missouri.  KHSB

Dehydrated and emaciated, little Kia had survived for almost an entire month on scraps of McDonald’s food that she found in the car. Police are trying to track down the puppy’s owners, who will face criminal charges if they’re found.

In the meantime, Kia is recovering at the KC Pet Project.

"It's devastating to hear, and then it's inspiring to hear at the same time," said the shelter’s Tori Fugate. "Hearing how this little girl has lived in this car for this long in those conditions is just amazing."

The terrier will be ready for adoption in two to three weeks, after she gains some weight.

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