Puppy Love

tips, pics and more, for the <3 of dogs

  • Puppy playing tug-of-war  (Jacky Parker Photography | Getty Images )

    Teach your puppy to play

    Puppies need to learn a few things about proper play.

  • A dog riding in the car without restriction  (Krit | Studio OMG | Getty Images )

    Should your pets ride loose in the car?

    Your dog loves sticking his head out the window, but imagine the tragic results of disregarding his (or your) safety.

  • Beagles

    The 12 most talkative dog breeds

    We asked veterinary professionals across America which breeds were the noisiest. From the classic Basset Hound howl to the Siberian Husky siren, we explore the sounds of our favorite vocal canines.

  • Microchipping your dog could save his life(imagebroker|Alamy)

    Why you should microchip your dog

    The tiny implanted device can do what a missing collar never could — reunite you with a lost family member.

  • Bichon Frise

    12 couch potato dog breeds

    Prefer a canine pal who will be satisfied to watch the big game with you on the sofa instead of running interference on your neighborhood touch football team? All dogs need some daily exercise, but we showcase a dozen couch-loving canines whose exercise needs can be satisfied with a short stroll or brief indoor playtime.

  • Beagle

    10 people-pleasing dog breeds

    You know the type. They're happy. They love to greet people. And their smiling eyes and wagging tails always bring attention their way. Why wouldn't you love them back?

  • Hula-dancing terrier

    10 adorable canines who are ready for the dog days of summer

    To celebrate the start of longer days and warmer weather, we rounded up our favorite pups dressed up in summer attire. From hula skirts and board shorts to sunglasses and straw hats, we can’t get enough of these chic (and adorable) canine outfits.

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