While the country's top dogs strutted their stuff at Westminster, thousands of miles away a rat terrier in Texas was taking a stroll of his own — and wound up on a dangerous busy freeway.

Photo: KHOU.com

Kyle Jones, a La Porte police officer happened to spot Cujo while on patrol and quickly spun his car around to block traffic and save the terrified pooch.

"When I saw the size of it, I immediately hit my lights and shut all lanes off," he said. Cujo, wet and shivering but otherwise fine, was reunited with his family (who had been searching for him all day) and a photo of Jones saving the dog has gone viral.

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Plus: Heroic police officers aren't just in Texas. In Michigan yesterday, cops also rescued a dog that fell through an icy lake while out on a walk with his owner. First responders managed to keep the dog swimming, until two policeman were able to pull it ashore with a hook attached to a stick.

Photo: KHOU.com / Cujo was rescued from a busy highway when a police officer blocked traffic to save the tiny Rat Terrier.