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Dog owners may want to give their pooch a bath after reading this.

By Vetstreet May 24, 2013 4:00PM

A new study by researchers at North Carolina State University found that homes where dogs live contain types of bacteria that are rarely found in homes that don’t have dogs, and that bacteria are more prevalent.

Photo: Dog / Sara McDaniel/Getty Images “We can tell whether you own a dog based on the bacteria we find on your television screen or pillowcase,” said co-author Rob Dunn, a biology professor at N.C. State.


Microchip helps track down owner.

By Vetstreet May 24, 2013 2:56PM

Soldier Brandon Patterson was serving in Iraq when he got a call telling him that his dog had disappeared. Alfaba had squeezed through a gap in the sitter’s fence and wandered off.

Photo: After 18 months, Alfaba was reunited with soldier Brandon Patterson/ 11 AliveA distraught Patterson asked his friends to post flyers and share the story on Facebook, but they had no luck finding Alfaba. Patterson eventually returned to Atlanta, and kept looking for his beloved dog.


Emotional reunion for dog, owner.

By Vetstreet May 23, 2013 2:45PM

Thanks to social media, a dog who was found mud-covered and standing by the body of a man who’d died in Monday’s devastating tornado in Moore, Okla., has been reunited with her owner.

Photo: Susie, whose photo went viral after she was found, was reunited with her owner on Wednesday./ Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office tweeted her photo on Monday and shared it on Facebook on Tuesday, with the post: "Man's best friend to end. The dog was standing guard over a deceased individual, possibly its owner..."

The office followed up, saying one of its deputies would be interested in adopting the dog. Millions viewed and commented on the moving photo — including Sheila Collins, who told the office that the dog’s owner, her brother, was actually alive, and desperately searching for Susie.


Egg gets the royal treatment.

By Vetstreet May 22, 2013 4:19PM

A pair of common cranes raised in captivity by the Great Crane Project in Britain has laid an egg — and they’re getting plenty of help with keeping an eye on it.

Photo: An egg belonging to a pair of common cranes is being guard around the clock in the U.K. / WWTAccording to conservationists, this is the first egg of its kind to be laid in western Britain in 400 years, so video cameras and guards are keeping a 24-hour watch on the nest at Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire to help protect the egg from illegal egg collecting.


Moore residents search for lost pets.

By Vetstreet May 22, 2013 3:28PM

On Tuesday, residents of Moore, Okla., were searching for both the people and animals they love, a day after a deadly tornado swept through the town.

Groups sprung up to care for lost and injured pets — including dogs and cats, birds, donkeys and horses — and to take them in while trying to find their owners.

Photo: June Simson holds her cat, Sammi, who she found standing on the rubble of her home. / Getty ImagesIn the midst of it all are harrowing stories of survival and happy reunions, including that of June Simpson, shown embracing her cat Sammi. She found him standing in the rubble of her destroyed home in Moore on Tuesday.


When a massive tornado plowed through Moore, Okla., on Monday, it left at least two dozen people dead, schools and homes flattened and many pets and other animals displaced and injured.

By Vetstreet May 22, 2013 2:58PM

There are plenty of agencies jumping in to help — bringing in search dogs, collecting food for animals and connecting lost pets with their loved ones.

Photo: Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman / AP
A horse is rescued from the rubble of a barn that was destroyed during the massive tornado that hit Moore, Okla., on Monday.Vetstreet has compiled the information below for those who are in need of help and those who’d like to join the effort. If you’d like to help all victims, visit the Red Cross website or text the word DONATE to the Red Cross number (90999) to give $25 or text the word REDCROSS to the same number to give $10.


A goat believed to have escaped en route to a slaughterhouse snarled the morning commute along one of the busiest roadways in northern New Jersey on Tuesday, leading police on a nearly two-hour chase.

By Associated_Press May 22, 2013 2:52PM

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — The small, chocolate brown female with curved horns eluded five Jersey City police officers for more than 90 minutes by jumping back and forth over a central divider along the Pulaski Skyway, alternately disrupting traffic along both east and west-bound lanes, according to city spokesman Stan Eason.

Photo: In this photo provided by the Jersey City Police Department, a goat is petted by Lt. Kelly Chesler at Liberty Humane Society, Tuesday, May 21, 2013, in Jersey City, N.J. Chesler was one of the officers who caught the goat, which went lose on the Pulaski Skyway, causing a traffic jam Tuesday morning. (AP Photo/Jersey City Police Department, Francisco Rodriguez)Traffic was snarled from 7:10 a.m. until almost 9 a.m. along the elevated roadway, which traverses the Passaic and Hackensack rivers between Newark and Jersey City and carries thousands of vehicles daily to the Holland Tunnel and into New York.

Four vehicles, whose drivers were attempting to avoid the zigzagging goat, were involved in a minor accident, police said. There were no injuries.


Aggression and a tendency to run away were some risks.

By Vetstreet May 21, 2013 3:54PM

Research by the University of Pennsylvania shows evidence that puppies purchased from pet stores are more likely to show behavioral problems later in their lives.

Photo: Puppy / Melissa Ross/Getty Images Dogs who came from pet stores scored worse on 12 of the 14 behavioral variables that were measured, and didn’t score better on any of the measures.

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