A foster dog earned herself a forever home when she alerted the sleeping family she was staying with to high levels of carbon monoxide in their Utah apartment.

Snowy now has a permanent home with the Ostranders(Photo: ABC 4)

While trying to find the right dog for her legally blind daughter, Chahela, Tonya Ostrander had taken in Snowy, a Chihuahua mix.

One night last week, Snowy, who was sleeping in Chahela's room, started "barking and barking and barking. Woke us both up" at about 2:30 a.m., said Tonya Ostrander.

She and her daughter both felt sick and realized something was wrong, so they got to the hospital right away. Their carbon monoxide levels were high, but thanks to Snowy, they were able to recover.

"If she hadn't had woken us up then things would have been real bad. We could have just slept right through it and maybe died," Ostrander said.

The mother and daughter thanked Snowy by making her a permanent part of their family.

Photo: ABC 4 // Snowy now has a permanent home with the Ostranders.