Photo: AP via USA Today // Photo: AP via USA Today

When you think of Maine, usually lobster or moose come to mind. Elephants are probably a little more unlikely.

But the New England state is now home to two retired and injured circus elephants, which are being cared for at Hope Elephants, a newly built rehab facility.

The non-profit is run in part by veterinarian Jim Laurita, who was a handler for Opal and Rosie years ago, when he worked with a traveling circus. The Asian elephants, which are now in their 40s, are being treated for nerve damage, leg and foot problems.

“Our goal is rehabilitation for the elephants, education for the local school kids, with the kind of greater goal of bringing the conservation message to the kids,” Laurita said.

Photo: AP via USA Today // Circus elephants Opal and Rosie are spending their retirement at a rehabilitation facility in Maine.