What to pack for the hospital when having a baby (Courtesy of Parenting.com)

You can't pack everything, so just stick to the more important things in the first part of this list. Then, if you end up staying longer (you could be in the hospital for 4 days if you have a C-section), have your partner bring any of other items you might need.

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Bring first

Pre-registration forms/insurance information
Watch (with a second hand to time contractions during labor)
Lollipops or lozenges
Lip balm
Nightgown/pajamas (button-up ones if you plan to nurse)
Nursing bra, breast pads
Nursing pillow
Underwear (you can also wear the disposable hospital ones)
A pair of socks
Body lotion
Shampoo, conditioner
Glasses, saline solution
iPod or CD player with favorite music
A little money or change for the vending machine
Post-delivery snacks (dried fruit, granola bars, crackers)
Digital camera and/or video camera
Cell phone, phone numbers
Going-home clothes for you
Going-home outfit for baby

Bring later
Favorite pillow
Extra sanitary pads -- though the hospital will have lots for you to use
Books or magazines
Pregnancy journal and pen
Notepaper/thank-you cards, address book

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