They're EVERYwhere: those 'family signs' that people hang in their homes. They're totally adorable and full of inspirational family 'rules' for a happy home. They look something like this:

They're super cute. And nice. I'd like one for my house. But I've realized that mine would need to be slightly more realistic because I've got kids, see, and a full-time job, and pets, and I'm just not that perfect. Here's what mine would read:

  • I'll try not to Yell At You when we have 3 minutes to get out the door to catch the school bus and your homework isn't done and I can't find my keys
  • Enjoy Mealtime. And yes, sometimes Nutella toast is a perfectly balanced dinner option
  • Go Outside and Play. And by that, I don't mean play a video game about being outside

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  • Find your overdue library books By Yourself (they are probably still in the car from when we checked them out 6 weeks ago)
  • Look at Each Other. Put the phone down. Stop texting so much. This goes for Mom, too.
  • Have Fun Together, unless you want to play with monster trucks again, in which case, Have Lots Of Fun Playing Trucks By Yourself While I Read My Book
  • I don't want to do your laundry anymore but I do, so please Hug Me Often

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  • Kiss Each Other unless one of you just ate tuna fish
  • You don't need this sign to know that I Love You, because you'll hear it from me all the time

What would yours say?

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