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Plus, 5 more things I hated.

By TheBump.com Sep 17, 2013 5:21PM

By Danielle Koubaro

Many people have asked me how life has settled since returning back to work three weeks ago. Most wonder if it is more difficult to leave home after having your second child and many want to know if it’s possible to be productive at work when your baby still isn’t sleeping through the night — and neither are you. (The short answer is yes, and yes.)


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Coming to your TV set: The Hatmakers

By Jen Hatmaker Sep 17, 2013 5:02PM
{Editor's Note: Jen Hatmaker is a terrifically funny blogger we love to feature here on MSN Mom to Mom. If you haven't read The Worst End of School Mom Ever, here's your chance...}
Life is absurd.
Sometime in late June, I got a random email from Sarah.
From HGTV.
“I develop shows for HGTV and I would love to have a conversation about our network and programming and see if your passion can translate to the HGTV world.”
At this point, I started laughing and didn’t quit for two weeks. Particularly after she asked me “how my DIY skills were.” Um. Poor to heinous. We jumped on the phone and she said a bunch of stuff and I kept cackling like a hyena because WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?

Let's get real, people

They're EVERYwhere: those 'family signs' that people hang in their homes. They're totally adorable and full of inspirational family 'rules' for a happy home. They look something like this:


They're super cute. And nice. I'd like one for my house. But I've realized that mine would need to be slightly more realistic because I've got kids, see, and a full-time job, and pets, and I'm just not that perfect. Here's what mine would read:


What it's like when your child has a terrifying allergic reaction

By ScaryMommy.com Sep 6, 2013 4:40PM

By Robin, for ScaryMommy.com

I had been waiting on eggshells for this day to come.  I’d been waiting since our son, Rory, was 6 months old and diagnosed with a peanut allergy.  He was now 3, and I was still waiting.

It was a Monday after work and I was shopping at Whole Foods in the gluten-free cookie area.  My husband and I were due to go out of town that Friday and my mom was flying in to take care of the kids.  I remember that I was exhausted.  I remember picking up a box of vanilla gluten-free cookies, flipping it over, and reading the ingredients.  The front of the box screamed “gluten-free!” and “soy-free!” and it appeared to be a company that cared about allergens in food.  The cookies had cream inside, which Rory had never had before and I thought would be a special treat for his grandmother to give him.  As I was walking away I noticed that the same cookies came in chocolate.  I grabbed a second box and threw them in the cart.

I did not read the ingredients in the chocolate.


This too shall pass

By ScaryMommy.com Aug 30, 2013 11:29PM

By Abi, for ScaryMommy.com

I have a tween. A girl – the most savage of all tweenkind. My goal is to survive. Not win, just survive. When she turned 11 I thought, “I will be able to handle this. She’s only ONE little girl.” Now that she’s on the brink of 12, I realize she is not only one little girl. She is actually 7 multiple personalities ranging in age from 3 to 40…

1. The BFF Age: 35-40 This woman goes with me to get manicures, chats over lattes at Starbuck’s (always my treat), and goes out of her way to listen to my problems and help in any way possible. The BFF doesn’t come around very often but when she does you can hear the angels singing from above.

 SV Giles//Getty Images

2. The Sweetheart Age: 6 This is the sweetest, dearest little girl you will ever meet. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She will climb up on the couch next to you on any given night just to tell you how much she loves you. She comes around even less than the BFF.


Mom of special needs child speaks out

By SpecialNeedsMom.com Aug 30, 2013 10:55PM

I think I recognize you! I do. Before becoming a Mom, I used to live in your world of Black & White, everything in order, in its place. I got a plan, got a schedule, a list of finished projects, checked off checklist and all. How wonderful for you that your life is so structured, so dependable and predictable that you cling to that line dividing right and wrong, black and white, and that you feel compelled to comment when you think someone is coloring outside the lines. 

Note, via specialneedsmom.com

This time though, in your hurry to keep things neat and orderly... you didn’t see the whole picture. I guess you didn’t see the accessible permit hanging from my car mirror, giving me permission to park close to the entrance. You didn’t see the wheelchair lift permanently installed into the back of my SUV, and you didn’t see me unload my little girl's pink manual wheelchair that we use for “ quick “ trips. Maybe from your view you only saw my older daughter and I, and not Zoe’s bubble gum pink wheelchair.


A roundup of what you missed, moms

Getty ImagesTGIF! Here's a look at 10 stories and newsmakers this week for us moms, across MSN:


THIS mom is ready for school to start, already

By Jen Hatmaker Aug 16, 2013 6:19PM
Oh, don’t even say it. I already know. This Mama is singing a different tune and JUST WHATEVER ABOUT IT. Yes, the girl who bemoaned homework folders and daily school requirements and reading minutes and All The Things is now on her knees, begging the teachers to take these children back.
  Horse ride, courtesy of Jennifer Hatmaker
 You understand this, right? We had the fun. We surely did. We did the swimming and the vacations and the sleeping in and the loosey-goosey living, and now ladies and gentlemen, I am very much over it. Back me up: summer is too freaking long. Twelve weeks of this is unreasonable. What does summer think we are? Machines? Excuse me, but I've never done anything well for twelve straight weeks in my life.
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