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When I sit at the computer to write, I ask myself what do parents -- would-be parents -- want to hear. Some days I come up with something deep and profound like the meaning of life (yeah, right) and then I come up with stuff that's just pretty funny. Today was a mixed bag because as much as I love writing and sharing, I just don't know if I'm thinking like a SAHM with five kids or not. I guess I want to know if I've lost touch because I've been in my bubble for so long.

How do you prepare for pregnancy?
Because I'm overly active and a light sleeper and light eater, the physical preparation for me was minimal. The big deal for me during pregnancy was the crazy dreams I would have throughout the day. I'm glad I had a midwife to go to and share some of these bizarre experiences that seemed so real. She let me know that it was just the hormones, but that didn't always give me peace. Also, I had pregnancy gingivitis, which my mom hadn't even heard of, so I didn't receive any support when I was at the dentist every three months trying to keep my teeth.

But if there were one thing that I would require for every pregnant woman, it would be a pregnancy girdle. My grandmother shared with me its importance and I am eternally grateful. The pressure on my lower back was intense and I attribute my back strength after five drug-free vaginal births of babies ranging from 7 pounds 8 ounces to 9 pounds 2 ounces to the girdle. They don't sell them at Sears or other department stores much, but you can find them online, I'm sure.