Going green? Good idea. Check out these easy ways to take care of baby and the environment.

1.  Make your own baby food. (Wash your fruits and veggies, steam or boil, throw 'em in the blender, hit puree, strain, and serve!) Not your scene? Try organic store-bought versions. You'll find a ton of options from Gerber and Earth's Best on the shelves, or hit the freezer section for a frozen baby meal from Plum Organics or the Brooklyn-based Happy Baby. (Frozen baby foods may have more nutrients intact.)

2.  Use non-toxic cleaners, and take measures to avoid contact. Dilute your chosen suds (non-toxic or not), give all surfaces a clean-water rinse after scrubbing, wash sponges and cloths thoroughly, and allow the area a few hours of ventilation. 

3.  Try an earth-friendly sling made of organic cotton and hemp. (Crops of hemp enrich the soil and decrease run-off.)

4. Buy toys made from organic fibers, wood, or other natural materials. Can't avoid the influx of plastics? Just be sure to donate them when baby's done -- many major hospitals accept used toys made of hard plastics.

5. As for the diaper: Cloth or disposable? It's a tricky question, and some moms are even getting fed up and going diaper-free! (We aren't so brave.) Check out gDiapers -- this new company makes a biodegradable, flushable insert that fits inside a breathable liner.

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