Whether you come right out with the news or make a clever presentation, you're more or less assured the same reaction from everyone when you announce your pregnancy: YEAH! Don't underestimate your own anticipation — if you can't carry on a ruse for too long, opt for a simple and meaningful delivery (ha!). Otherwise, know your customer. Figure out how to share the news in the most exiting way for you, your friends, and family. Take cues from these women who had fun with their big announcements.

The inside scoop
"My husband and I created an 'Us Weekly bump alert' email that we sent to share the news with friends and distant family. We included photos of my growing belly and wrote it as if I were being featured in the celebrity magazine: 'Rumors have been circulating that Jill may be sporting a new accessory. Seen here on her way to her soon-to-be-sister-in-law's bridal shower, a noticeably large bump popped out of her red dress. Just days before the incident, cameras also caught her casually dressed on her way to a local Dairy Queen...maybe in search of a soft chocolate dipped cone?'" --Jill, Virginia

Special delivery
"I told my dad by sending him a Happy Birthday Grandpa card (this was the first grandchild so immediately he was on high alert) with the sonogram picture inside. He and my mom were whooping so loud when they called us that I had to put the phone far away from my ear!" --Jen, New York, NY

Live via satellite
"Web cam! We bought a pink onesie and a blue onesie. We then held them up and asked our families which color they liked better." --Rachel, Wake Forest, NC

Holiday honors
"At Thanksgiving we had our niece and nephew break the wishbone. Since it broke down the middle, I told them that meant my wish came true and that they would have two new cousins in seven months. My mother-in-law didn't get it at first, but everyone else in the room did!" --Laura, Bowie, MD

Gracious gift
"On Christmas Eve we celebrated with my in-laws and had specially prepared T-shirt gifts for them. My mother-in-law's said, 'Grandma to Bee' with a bee on it, my father-in-law's said, 'Grampa 08,' and my brother-in-law's said, 'World's Dorkiest Uncle' (being 12 years old, he didn't appreciate it)." --Kaye, Pittsburgh, PA

Advertising it
"We're University of Tennessee fans and had just gone to Tennessee to a football game, so we had a picture of the two of us in the stadium. We didn't even know that we were pregnant when we took it! We sent out the photo of us in our UT gear, and under it we typed:
'Gas to get to Knoxville...$80
Tickets to the UT Game...$300
Snacks at the stadium...$35
Telling you there are three of us in this picture...PRICELESS
Baby Logsdon due to arrive August 3, 2008.'" --Lenore, Freehold, NJ

Canine caper
"We bought a little dog shirt that said 'Uncle-to-Be 2008' for my parents' dog Toby (whom I jokingly refer to as my brother since I don't have one). We went up to their place for dinner, and my husband snuck away toward the end of the night to put the dog in his shirt. Then he came running out, and my parents saw the news. I sent my sister a coffee mug in the mail that said: 'My Aunt is Kind of a Big Deal' with a little card and poem inside telling her she would be an aunt." --Carolyn, King of Prussia, PA

Booking early
"My mom has my sister's kids live with her every summer and calls it Camp Grandma. So I called her and asked her when she would start taking reservations for Camp Grandma 2008. She figured it out right away, but she stayed cool and said, 'Why, are you expecting?' Then she was overjoyed when I said yes!" --Karen, New York, NY

"We staged a photo shoot/announcement with our friends when we were all hanging out. My husband gathered us all into a group and took pictures with several of my friends' cameras and with his own. He said, 'Say cheese...' with one camera, 'Say cheese...' with the next, and finally, 'Say Jamie's pregnant' with his own camera. Everyone said it and then laughed...but then it set in, and we were able to capture everyone's reaction forever!" --Jamie, Kettering, OH

Unknowing participant
"I enlisted my sister-in-law for both baby announcements. The first time, when she was 12, we had plans to go to dinner with my husband's family. I found a bib that said 'I love my aunt' and put it in a gift bag that I slipped to her under the table. She opened it without my in-laws seeing and just kind of looked at it confusedly. She showed my mother-in-law who didn't get it either. My father-in-law finally understood and starting crying. The next time, I made an Easter basket for the same sister-in-law (who's now 14). In one of those little plastic eggs, I put in a slip of paper saying, 'You're going to be an aunt...again!' This time she got it and started screaming to the rest of the family." --Kim, Omaha, NE

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