family drama

'Tis the season for holiday parties, overnight guests...and uninvited drama. Experts weigh in on common sticky situations that arise during this time of year...

'“This works for a bunch of my clients: Pretend your family is someone else’s. Think about it—if it were your friend’s family, you wouldn’t get upset about stuff. You’d be polite and understanding and try to deflect things.”
Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., family and relationship therapist

“My no-fail conversation topic with relatives is pets. Everyone loves to talk about their dog, cat, or goldfish. Spike’s antics at the dog park are pretty much always less controversial than religion or politics or anything else.”
Carrie Murphy, blogger at the health site Plums in the Icebox

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“I plan great comebacks so I’m mentally ready for the barrage of ‘Why
are you still single?’ questions. ‘When I meet someone, you’ll be the first to know’ has worked pretty well!”
Pam Majumdar, Glamour reader

“Look for the little kid at the party who’s feeling left out—there’s always one—and strike up a conversation or ask to see her room. It’s an automatic reprieve for you, but it helps make someone else feel better too.”
Debbie Johnson, author of Think Yourself Thin

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