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ideas and inspiration for making great family memories

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    Family adventure vacations to get the adrenaline pumping

    When it comes to traveling with the family, "adventure" can mean a lot of different things. Just packing the suitcases for a 3-hour flight can be an adventure of its own. From hiking the Rockies to white-water rafting, we've found 11 family adventure vacations that will get the adrenaline pumping without driving you crazy.

  • 10 rain day activities: Arts and crafts

    10 fun rainy day activities that'll have the whole family beaming

    It's raining, it's pouring ... but that doesn't mean the day has to be a snore. Rather than let the kids grow restless and rambunctious, why not divert their energy toward some fun family bonding activities?

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    7 epic parenting wins on Imgur

    Get ready to laugh, cry and appreciate your parents more. These parents totally win the internet!

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    Nap time! 12 dads bonding with their babies

    Is there anything sweeter than a child bonding with their parent? We don't think so. To that end, we found our favorite photos of dads having sleepy-time with their wee ones. If you don't fall madly in love with each picture, well, there's nothing more we can do for you.

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    These indoor water parks are incredible

    We know—it’s cold outside and you’re dreaming of beaches. Consider this the next best thing: awesome indoor water parks around the world equipped with pools, water slides, swim-up bars, and in some cases, all-year “sunlight.”

  • Peaceful relations with your kids (Getty Images)

    More fun, less fighting

    If you keep having the same arguments with your kid, try these smart and surprising ideas to restore the peace

  • "18 Get-off-the-Couch Games" // Exercise mat

    How to get your kids off the couch this season

    Get your kid moving with these fun games -- he won't even realize he's getting exercise! By Kris Bordessa

  • kids holding crafts

    Homemade crafts for kids - rain or shine

    Fun, easy summertime crafts and activities for kids of all ages using everyday items like beads, paint, bubbles and more.

  • Mom and daughter walking in rain

    The 12 must-have ingredients for a good day with kids

    The funny thing about parenting is that just when you think you have it all figured out everything changes. Here are 12 ways to enjoy time with your kids no matter what the day brings.

  • Courtesy of Elizabeth Street (Courtesy of Elizabeth Street)

    7 tips for traveling with children and teens in tow

    With a little preparation impromptu family getaways can be a pleasurable excursion had by all.

  • Clue

    10 great family table games

    Our list of 10 Great Family Table Games features a mix of new and old, familiar and possibly unfamiliar, that anyone at least a decade old can get the hang of. And sorry, none of them require a controller or flat screen! By Jill Jasper

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