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  • Kids playnig in the yard(Photo: David Tsay)

    16 Fun Brain-Boosting Games

    Ways to boost your child's math, science, and reading skills when school's out for summer

  • Taylor Swift

    Summer Dresses for Every Shape

    Get inspired by these celebrities when the weather heats up!

  • Scarlett Johansson's Halo Braid

    The 12 Sexiest Summer Hairstyles

    We've rounded up our favorite summer hairstyles—that will work in any weather—and we're giving you the how-to firsthand from the star stylists that created the looks!

  • Gregory Peck

    Movie Dads We Wish We Had

    All too often, movies portray fathers as either hapless bumblers or cold disciplinarians, but every now and then a film comes along that gets it right. Here's our list of 10 movie dads who portray the very best of fatherhood.

  • The chauffeur is your chauffeur

    How Would You Parent if You Were Mega Rich?

    Hhow awesome would it be if money were no object? What would your parenting life be like? Let’s take a look at 12 resources that parents might appreciate if they happened to find a few million bucks stashed in an old coffee can somewhere.

  • Camp Movie: The Parent Trap

    10 Summer Camp Movies We Love

    Adventures, friends, and boys—all the makings of a great movie. We may be a bit too old for summer camp, but these 10 movies bring us back to those times when all that mattered was winning Capture the Flag. We can practically taste the s’mores.

  • Tom Cruise and Suri // "Hollywood's Hottest Dads"

    Hollywood's Hottest Dads

    See Hollywood's hottest fathers out and about with their favorite little ones.