Brooke Burke eating SMARTFOOD (Courtesy of Brooke Burke )

1.  Make time for yourself. As busy moms, we are always running around making sure we get our kids where they need to go, but it's important to set aside time for yourself. For me, I enjoy a morning workout before we are off to take on the day.

2.  Involve your family in the shopping decisions. I like to cook for my family, and I love to involve my children in the process, so they can learn the importance of putting good food in their bodies! I always try and get them to come grocery shopping with me too, and talk them through why we choose some foods over others. When they are more involved in the process, they tend to be more open to trying new, different and better for you meals!

3.  Keep snacks and drinks in the car for on-the-go smart snacking. This summer especially I am driving my kids to and from sports and camps, and it's important I have everything on hand as we rush around town. I like to keep Smartfood Selects in the car for myself -- a line of ready to eat popped corn, puffed corn and popped chips. There are a variety of products in the line, some offer sources of whole grain and others fiber – there is really something for everybody, and the herbs and spices make all of the flavors so delicious!  The Feta Herb Hummus popped chips are my favorite.

4.  Embrace down time with each other. Summer is an especially great time for R&R for my family, and we just enjoy  hanging out with each other in Malibu. No need for big trips or stressful activities -- I just want to enjoy being with my family in the summertime.

5.  Look for ways to give back as a family. One thing that I really find important in teaching my children is all about how to give back to the community. Find a cause that means something to you and your family, and volunteer together for another family-friendly activity! We recently went on a trip for Operation Smile to Mexico as a family and it was both eye opening and exciting to do it all together.