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  • Dunkin' Donuts

    The 9 best doughnut chains in America

    Fact: Everybody loves doughnuts. And if they tell you they don’t, they’re lying. These are the best chain doughnut shops in America.

  • Stinky tofu

    Bizarre stadium foods around the world

    Around the world, spectators munch on everything from spicy kimchi to dried fish meat while watching athletes battle it out on the field. And whether the idea of fried octopus makes you want to shell out some Japanese yen or hurl, there’s no denying: sports and snack food are two things all cultures have in common. Just keep that heartwarming fact in mind while you scroll through some of the weirder snacks in the following slideshow.

  • Nike Free, courtesy of Amazon

    Comfortable (and stylish) walking shoes for travel

    Finding stylish and comfortable shoes for your trip abroad is easier said than done. Check out these 5 shoes that will save your feet during your next trip.

  • Baked cauliflower mac and cheese

    15 creative ways to hide veggies in your family's food

    Trick the little ones (or picky adults!) by hiding veggies in their favorite foods!

  • Sign placement/"10 Most Outrageous Wedding Photos"/Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

    10 outrageous wedding photos

    The typical wedding: A white dress, tiered cake, floral centerpieces and a cute flower girl -- you know the drill. Every once in a while, though, a couple trades in tradition for a quirky, never-seen-that-before idea. Here are a few of the most out-there wedding photos that made us do a double take.

  • Texas-style smoked brisket

    How to eat your way through football season

    College football is officially back and, for the football obsessed (like myself), this weekend is, arguably, better than Christmas. Long gone are the weekends of “brunching” on a patio or treating yourself to a Netflix binge session. Because football. Born and raised in Texas, it goes without saying that my obsession for collegiate football is deep-rooted. It’s pretty much all I can remember during the winter months of my childhood. So how do we in the South watch football, you ask? With outrageous tailgates or massive viewing parties, duh. There’s just a feeling I get after a canned beer and brisket sandwich (maybe even a Jell-O shot if I’m feeling saucy) — all before 11 a.m. — that can’t be put into words. So in an effort to kick off football season, here are some southern-inspired recipes perfect for your tailgate or watching party.

  • Fried apple pies

    14 classic fair foods to make at home

    We’ve got carnival foods on the brain. These days, it seems like there’s always a fleet of food trucks serving twists on classic fair food — like mac n’ cheese burgers and donut sandwiches. I, however, will always be a fan of the classics: funnel cake, corn dogs, and anything fried or served on a stick (preferably both). So, just in case you were getting sick of all that fresh, seasonal summer produce, here are 14 classic fair food recipes, most of which are skewered, battered, or deep fried to perfection.

  • 6a00d83451cb0369e201b7c6de3097970b

    How To save money: 17 ways to reuse 3 common disposable kitchen items

    Disposable products might save you time in the kitchen, but there are many ways to give items — such as aluminum foil, delivery containers, and throwaway utensils — second, third, and even fourth lives before recycling.

  • Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

    The best non-alcoholic beers: Epicurious’ official taste test results

    Non-alcoholic beer isn’t widely appreciated for its taste, but there must be a couple good ones out there. Right?

  • Cool carvings

    7 creative pumpkin-carving ideas

    Transform the fall vegetable into cool decor pieces.

  • Homemade Halloween costumes

    10 easy-to-make kids' costumes

    Put together these creative, but simple, Halloween looks for your youngsters.

  • Document early

    Photographer secrets to taking great baby photos

    We know you’re documenting just about every move baby makes. (Do you even have any memory left on your phone? We didn’t think so.) These tips from professional photographers can help you perfect your pics.

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