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  • Butter (Photo: AP Photo, Matthew Mead)

    New luxury item: Butter?

    Price hits all-time high and surge in demand.

  • yogurt-chia-pudding-620x620

    8 ways to use yogurt in your cooking (i.e., put it in everything)

    Here's how to incorporate it into nearly everything you eat.

  • 1

    Not your mother’s canned tuna fish: 5 delicious ways to use tinned food at home

    Canned food often gets a bad rap here in the United States, but gourmet tinned food products have been popular in Portugal, Spain, and France for decades. Advantages of quality tinned foods include the fact that they can be cheaper, are more readily available, are as — if not more — nutritious, may have less pesticides, can be better for the environment, and may result in less food waste.

  • 30

    30 under-30 life milestones and our favorite recipes for every occasion

    The dawn of my fourth decade is fast approaching and, inspired by Glamour’s list of things I should have and know by the time I reach the big 3-0, here are milestones many my age will have reached–and the recipes we think would pair with them best. What do you make to nurse your first hangover or on the occasion of your first broken heart? Read on to find out.

  • US

    Beyond casserole: Mapping out the country’s funeral food traditions

    The concept of nourishment as part of funeral rites is universal, building on the unshakable fact that food can be comforting.

  • Cooking with autumn spices

    Cooking with autumn spices

    A colorful palette of enchanting spices adds heady aromas and enticing flavors to your autumn table.

  • Pumpkin goat cheese cheesecake

    16 can't-miss pumpkin desserts

    With these delectable recipes, fall has never tasted so good. Plus: 8 must-have pumpkin pie recipes »And, 20 savory pumpkin dishes »

  • 1

    5 delicious ways to fry your chicken this weekend

    Last night, Adina (Epicurious’ features director) and I grabbed dinner at a local Japanese Katsu joint — and I pointed out that nearly every single time she and I eat dinner together after work, we wind up eating something fried, usually chicken. So, in the spirit of this-is-what-we-can’t-stop-eating-right now, here are 5 of our favorite fried chicken recipes here at Epicurious. Great for families, perfect for weekends, and a great dining-outdoors food — why not fry some up yourself this weekend?

  • Mimu Maxi photo (Photo: Courtesy of Instagram)

    Why are people freaking out over this photo?

    Controversial.... Or empowering?

  • Napa Valley Grille's kale chopped salad

    21 inventive ways to get your kale fix

    We've all heard about the bounty of benefits a heaping helping of kale has to offer our stomachs and taste buds, but actually putting the dark, leafy green on your plate is a whole different story.

  • Oleh Slobodeniuk, Getty Images // Oleh Slobodeniuk, Getty Images (Oleh Slobodeniuk, Getty Images)

    Should you say 'I do?'

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally took the plunge, but marriage isn't always a good choice for everyone.

  • g1

    Hightops, lowtops, and slip-ons, oh my! Master fall’s sneaker trend

    Good news for your feet: Sneakers are everywhere this fall. Fashion insiders and celebs alike are sporting athletic shoes with their chicest outfits, making them an essential fall fashion trend. With an abundance of styles in stores right now, it might seem daunting to find the pair that’s right for you. We handpicked the 35 best sneaker styles to try.

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